Tuesday, July 10, 2007

हिमाली स्वरहरु रेडियो

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हिमाली स्वरहरु न्यूयोर्क शहरबाट तयार पारिएको नेपाली सामुदायिक रेडियो कार्यक्रम हो।यो कार्यक्रम सुन्न कुनै प्राबिधिक कठिनाई पर्‍यो भने हामीलाई जानकारी दिनुहोस्।थप कुरा बुज्न तपाईं फोन अथवा ईमेल पनि लेख्न सक्नुहुन्छ! तपाईको साथ र सहभागिताबाटनै "हिमाली स्वरहरु" अगाड़ी बढ्न सक्छ! कार्यक्रम सुन्नुभएकोमा धन्यबाद!
हिमाली स्वरहरु न्यूयोर्क शहरबाट तपाईसम्म !
सहदेब पौडेल
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Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Sahadevision is my own envision of the creative tools. I work on theatre, drama, do creative activities, play with words, and use digital media and communication tools to transform the society.

I do plays, improvisation and develop new dramatic works.I also organize theatre and drama workshop in community and school to bring the social awareness.

Currently, I produce Nepali online radio programs which I named Himali Sworharu(The Melodies of Himalaya-The Voice of Himali.)
The program is online at www.nepaliradio.org

Finally,I am in the process of establishing a Non-for profit organization in New York to take these creative works in next level.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

About Sahadev

Sahadev started his acting career in 1996 from Cultural Co-operation (Sanskritik Sasthan) Kathmandu and pursued his theatrical interests throughout his theatre Journey.During his one decade theatrical journey he had played different characters in Nepali plays .He has written and perform the several street plays in social and educational subject.In his early career he joined the Radio world. He has worked as a Storyteller and Children program producer at Radio Sagarmatha FM 102.4MHz in Kathmandu, Nepal. Since then he closely work with educational theatre.Sahadev always wanted to be an educated and activist performer so he took a special training of the Forum Theatre at The British Council in Kathmandu. As well as he had special training of the Playback Theatre in The school of Playback Theatre at Poughkeepsie, NY.

Sahadev's Resume


I am professionally trained radio & theatre artist with over 10 years experience in Nepali theatre and radio world and now I am pursuing my career in NYC. Currently, I am working as a Guest Service Agent at NYAC,I go to LaGuardia Community College for further studies on theatre & Communications and I regularly produce Nepali Online Radio Programs from New York.


LaGuardia Community College, Long Island City, NY

Major: Theatre & Communication

Have Completed 47 Credits toward an Associate in Arts Degree.

GPA: 3.69

Honors: Dean’s List

Member of Phi Theta Kappa

Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal

Major: English and Culture in BA

Currently Producer of Himali Sworharu-Nepali Online Radio from New York City

Played different characters in Nepali Plays as well as written performed & organized children plays & street plays focused on social issues such as Environment, Drugs, and Child rights, Health Etc.

Stage Productions (NY)

Roshomon Pan Asian Rep theatre Production Assist.

Hip Hop Cabaret All Star Project Inc. Production Assist.

Hell Cab The Rising sun Performance co. Actor

Radio Production Experience

Worked as a Storyteller & Children Program (Lukamari) Producer on Radio Sagarmatha FM 102.5MHZ (South Asia’s first community FM radio) for 5 years. I moved to New York City in 2004 and Since 2008 I am producing Online Radio Programs Himali Sworharu-The Voice of Himali on www.nepaliradio.org. I was also a guest host on WKCR 89.9FM’s “In All Language” program in NY.


Intensive 12-month Acting Training Cultural Co-operation, Nepal

Forum Theatre The British Council, Nepal

Dutch Welle Radio Training Radio Sagarmatha, Nepal

Training in Playback Theatre School of Playback, Vassar College, NY

Production intern Pan Asian Rep. Theatre, NY

Professional Creative Expression & Service -Actor Theatre Workshop, NY

Scene Study Kitt Lavoie

Actors Process Peter Goldfarb

Professional Association

Founder PipalBoat Playback Theatre, Nepal

Member International Playback Theatre Network (IPTN)

Company Member Rising Sun Performance Company, NYC

Creator/Producer Himali Sworharu-Online Radio

Treasurer Nepal America Journalist Association (NEAJA)